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My First TV Appearance / Book Chapters

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

I spoke briefly about my book "FOREVER SHUNNED AMISH REBEL" on Mar. 13, at 10:00 AM on Amy Kehm's TV show, Good Day, PA on ABC27. The goal is that it will promote interest in the book. To view the segment visit

Here are the chapter titles of my book "Forever Shunned, Amish Rebel.

Chapter 1: Humble beginnings of my early years.

Chapter 2: Why did my grandmother commit suicide?

Chapter 3: The school life of an Amish child.

Chapter 4: A 19-year-old's fatal heart attack.

Chapter 5: Aunt Lydia and childhood hobos.

Chapter 6: An Amish child's death by shotgun.

Chapter 7: The life of Uncle Benny.

Chapter 8: Our long walk to Harristown School.

Chapter 9. Willis, our English neighbor.

Chapter 10. Ramblings of my Amish youth.

Chapter 11. School troubles and selfies at Woolworths.

Chapter 12. Baseball and mushball follies.

Chapter 13. Dad was an accident waiting to happen.

Chapter 14. Of runaway horses and mules.

Chapter 15. Misbehavior at the Amish schools.

Chapter 16. Snow plow attack on a schoolyard fence.

Chapter 17. Wheat threshing and the forbidden tractor.

Chapter 18. Analyzing the Ordnung and craving freedom.

Chapter 19. The unwillingness of the Amish preachers.

Chapter 20. My hopeless dream of higher education.

Chapter 21. The Amish version of high school.

Chapter 22. Working for Jake as his hired boy.

Chapter 23. Rumspringa the great liberator.

Chapter 24. Where do I hide my $40 Chevy.

Chapter 25. Amish teens robbed at gunpoint.

Chapter 26. Misadventures with forbidden cars.

Chapter 27. My escape from the Amish lifestyle.

Chapter 28. My Life as a 'Conscie" at MMH.

Chapter 29. Becoming an Amish church member.

Chapter 30. Shunned because of the West Coast trip.

Chapter 31. Finally seeing the light.

Chapter 32. Important advice for the Amish people.

Chapter 33. Permanently leaving the Amish Church.

Chapter 34. Marriage, children, and a much better life.

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